I’m the husband that puts it all over my face and as my wife was quoted saying his beautiful bald head. This product is amazing; I first started using Face Food about 6 months ago and the results are:
• My skin feels so much softer to the touch
• It brightens up my beautiful bald head
• It makes my skin feel and look healthier
• It just makes me feel like a million bucks

– Brian

I love your face food cream and the scrumptious scrub.  I got them at Libby’s Westside Studio in Eagle, Idaho. Usually, I have sensitive skin, but not with your fabulous products.

– Carolyn N

Love your Face Food. My skin feels so soft. It is absolutely amazing!!!!

– Cathy G

I am positively in LOVE with the scrub. My face feels amazing! I’m also really excited about the body balm – my skin has been so dry this winter. I love your products!

– Emily C

It’s not just for women. My husband loves this stuff. He put’s it all over his face and his beautiful bald head.

– Gini

Face Food works great on my highly sensitive skin – especially around my eyes.

– Jen C

I love the Face Food and will soon have my friends and Mom hooked!

– Jennifer B

And work HER magic she does!! Love Face Food!!!

– Jennifer H

I use Face Food all over! My skin feels replenished and supple afterwards. My son found it effective in soothing and softening scar tissue as well! Great all natural product. Thanks!!

– Jill

My friend recommended this product to me, and I just have to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I have spent a small fortune on face creams from Dr. Hayschka, Principal Secrets, Clinique,Obagi, Purity, Bliss…to name a few. This one is just pure heaven. I love everything about it. My daughter is also stealing it from me. May I suggest a monthy enrollment auto ship service. I’d love to have it auto shipped. Thanks… Pure win!

– Jude

I bought face food at the North Bend farmers market. It is amazing! it has changed my skin! I have friend and family telling me my face looks so good. I also no longer have little red bumps. I need more!!!

– Kelli L

I have always had horrible skin, but since using FaceFood my skin has never been better!

– Kevin M

I love my face food … I am on my third jar and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Nice to know I can order online, thank you!

– Lexi M

I’ll make a special claim.  I love your Face Food.  Feels great!  My face feels so nourished!

– Lisa G

My boyfriend brought me home a sample from Everett Washington. he was up there selling for other products for a company he works for…. and i must say.. I LOVE FACE FOOD!. the pleasant aroma of the cream was the big seller!. to me it dose not smell like something factory made.. after i tried it for 3 days my face was so soft!. and I’m DEFINITELY going to buy a bigger supply!

– Meshell

So glad you are marketing this ….. I ran out of my gift one and didn’t want to beg for more.  Now I can buy it!

– Susan E